Where Can I Sell My Car For Parts?

Scrap Car Parts For Cash

When your vehicle is old and you know repairing it again will cost you more than your car, truck or SUV is worth, it’s better to sell it for cash. The parts on typically have more value if you were to sell them versus selling a whole vehicle to a junkyard.

You can part out the vehicle and sell the parts yourself to make the most money from your junk vehicle. Selling scrap car parts that you remove and list for sale can make you hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars. Once the parts are loose, you can list them for sale on websites like Ebay and Craigslist. You can also post them on Facebook Marketplace, NextDoor or OfferUp.

Do Junkyards Buy Car Parts?

Junkyards in South Florida do not buy used car parts that have been salvaged from a junk vehicle. Local junkyards prefer to purchase the entire vehicle and then either part it out themselves or as a pull and pay vehicle where you, the consumer, goes out into the junkyard lot and removes the part they need.

The reason why junkyards buy whole vehicles is because it’s a lot easier for them to process the necessary paperwork to salvage a car, truck, SUV or van. This helps ensure the vehicle is not stolen. It also allows the junkyard to properly inspect the vehicle to figure out what parts can be reused and resold.

Fort Lauderdale Junkyard For Used Parts

If you are looking to buy used parts from a junkyard in Fort Lauderdale, stop by Gardner Auto Parts. You’ll find a large selection of salvaged car parts for sale. Unfortunately, most junkyards do not buy car parts and only wants to pay cash for whole vehicles. This doesn’t mean the car has to be in good condition. Many junkyards buy damaged and wrecked vehicles to recycle them.

Cash For Junk Car Parts

To get cash for junk car parts, your best option is to pull the engine, exterior and interior parts you want to sell for cash. The most profitable parts to sell on your own include the GPS system, fenders, doors, bumpers, headlights, aftermarket parts, the entire engine and transmission system.

While selling parts on your own results in more cash, the hassle of removing the parts, storing the vehicle and then handling the sales transaction may not be worth your time and effort. Instead, sell your junk vehicle to a junkyard. It’s quick and easy. You’ll get paid cash the same-day for your junk car, truck, SUV or van.