Instant Cash Offers For Cars

Sell Your Car For Cash Today

Sell your unwanted car for cash by getting an instant online quote from a reputable car buyer like Car Junks. You can get a quick cash offer for your vehicle within minutes. We’ll ask you a few questions about your vehicle to determine its value, and we’ll make you an offer to purchase the car today.

Who Pays The Most Cash For Cars?

Most junkyards and junk car buyers pay an average of $200 to $300 for junk vehicles. Our salvage yard will be a minimum of $500 for foreign manufacturer vehicles. Our junkyard near Fort Lauderdale wants to buy unwanted and even wrecked cars in South Florida. We don’t care what kind of condition it is in as long as the catalytic converter hasn’t been removed from the vehicle. All vehicles have salvageable parts that can be resold as used parts, making it more lucrative for car sellers to contact a local junkyard instead of a junk car buying company. No middle man means the car seller will get all the money from the sale. You’ll pocket 100% of the fair market value from selling your junk car.

Quick Cash For Cars

Selling your car to a local junk car buyer is a quick way to get cash for your vehicle. Most junk car sales transactions can be completed the same day so you can get paid on the spot. Some junk car buying companies will make you wait for a check or a direct deposit but not us. We pay you a cash amount within hours of calling us for an instant quote.

Sell My Car Without a Title

To make the process even quicker, you should have a copy of your vehicle’s title and your ID ready. Any legit company purchasing a vehicle will require these two items to verify that you are indeed the vehicle owner. If you can’t find the official title, you can still sell it to a junkyard. Some junk car buyers can verify vehicle ownership without a title, so you’ll be able to sell your car, truck or SUV. Just make sure you mention if you don’t have one when you call or request a quote online.