Junk My Car For Cash

Should I Donate My Car Instead of Selling it?

This is completely a personal decision especially if you have a charity organization that you regularly donate to. Unless your car is in excellent running condition, the charity will most likely sell the car to a junkyard for the money. An option that will cut out the middle man is to sell your old car to a reputable salvage or recycling yard for cash. You can then donate that money directly to the non-profit organization.

Sell Your Car to a Junkyard

Whether you are cashing in your vehicle to make a donation or just to put money in your pocket, the best option is a junkyard. Yards that dismantle salvage vehicles often pay the highest cash amounts because they can resell all of the parts and equipment they remove. Most junkyards that buy running or non-running vehicles will often pick up your old, wrecked or otherwise damaged car for free.

Does My Car Need to Be Running?

You should check with the junk car buyer that you are selling to but typically, it doesn’t matter what condition your car, truck, van or SUV is in. Often, it doesn’t make a difference if the car is titled or not as they will not be rebuilding or reselling the vehicle.

How Do I Get the Most Money for My Old or Wrecked Car?

This is a commonly asked question when car owners are considering junking their personal vehicle. The junk man will only pay you based on the weight of your vehicle regardless of the year, model or condition. Junkyards, however, look at how old your car is, its condition and the demand for parts. Newer cars tend to have a higher payout but as long as the recycling yard you are dealing with resells parts, you should receive fair compensation for your daily driver.

Don’t Sell Your Car to the Junk Man

While we understand everyone needs to make a living, you are here because you’d like to get as much money for your older or damaged car. Junk dealers or salvagers want to make the most money possible off of your old vehicle so they will make a low-ball offer. Most of the time, they are only looking for scrap to sell for money. If your only goal is to get an old car out of your yard, then the junk man may be a good option.

Get Top Dollar for Your Old Clunker

If you really need to squeeze every penny possible out of your old ride, then contact a local junkyard known for buying vehicles. Locate a junkyard that is known for giving the highest payouts whether your car runs or not. Do your homework before you hand over your car, truck, van or SUV. Make sure they are reputable and most of their clients are satisfied with the purchase price, the process and the hauling off their old car. Then all that is left to do is accept the offer and wave goodbye to your clunker.