Where Can I Get The Most Cash For Cars In Fort Lauderdale?

Broward County Junk Car Buyers

Car Junks is one of many Broward county junk car buyers you’ll find listed in Google map results when you search for “cash for junk cars”. Owned and operated by Gardner Auto Parts, we’re able to pay more cash for cars than other junk car buyers in Fort Lauderdale. Why? You’re bringing the vehicle to the same place a lot of the local wreckers sell to.

The reason we’re able to pay more for foreign makes and models is because the middle man who needs to make a profit is cut out. Instead, you get the extra cash on your pocket for calling us directly. We’ll arrange tow pickup and your vehicle is brought directly to our junkyard in Pompano Beach.

Who Buys Used Cars In Fort Lauderdale

There are many companies that purchase used cars in the Fort Lauderdale area. Do your research to figure out who can offer you the most money for your used car, truck, SUV or van. Depending on the condition, the year, the model of the vehicle, and a few other factors, you will need to call around to get the best cash offer.

Car Dealerships

If you are buying another vehicle, the first place to get a cash offer is at the car dealership you are purchasing your new vehicle from. Find out how much it worth as a trade-in. If the offer is low, haggle a little. See if you can get them to raise it.

Private Car Sale

When an offer from a dealership is not what you were expecting, you can list your vehicle for sale privately. This may be the best way to get more cash for your used vehicle. Depending on the aftermarket modifications that you have made, you may be able to find a buyer much faster who is willing to pay a little extra.

Towing Companies

A vehicle that is not running can easily be sold to the towing company you called if you decide it is too expensive to repair after damaging it. Towing companies typically offer the lowest cash amount possible for a used vehicle. After they buy the vehicle from you, they have to tow it to a junkyard or vehicle wholesaler who will buy it from them. The less money they pay you, the bigger their profit is.

Pay & Pull Junkyards

At the top of this article, we mentioned why we are able to pay more than other junk car buyers. We are one of the top wholesale foreign vehicle buyers in Fort Lauderdale. Selling your vehicle directly to a pay & pull junkyard in Fort Lauderdale will always get you the most money for your used car, truck, SUV or van. Now don’t confuse a pay and pull junkyard with a pay and pull towing service, these are two different things. You always want to call a junkyard directly to sell your vehicle, not a towing company.

Metal Salvage Yards

For those who decide to dismantle the vehicle to sell the parts for cash will end up with scrap metal they will need to dispose of. You can sell your left over metal from your vehicle to a local metal salvage yard that recycles the materials. These metal yards that pay cash by the pound can be found throughout South Florida.

Get The Most Money For Foreign Makes and Models

Car Junks specializes in buying only foreign makes and models. Gardner Auto Parts sells only foreign car parts and for this reason we only buy import vehicles. Each car we purchase is sold for parts after our team of mechanics removes them from the vehicles. That is what makes our junkyard unique. We are not a pull and pay junkyard. We are a full-service used auto parts store.

Do You Buy Domestic Vehicles?

No, we do not. We never have. However that doesn’t mean you can’t get the most money for your domestic car, truck, SUV or van. You’ll just have to call another junk car buyer in Fort Lauderdale. We recommend Junkyard Dog Online.