Can I Still Sell My Car with a Blown Engine?

When your car has sustained engine damage beyond repair, it can be stressful and frustrating. You now have to make a tough decision about whether to junk the vehicle, replace the motor or trade it in. If you are still making payments or really want to keep the vehicle, you may be able to find a used engine in good condition and only pay labor costs if you can’t install it yourself.

Is an Engine Swap or Rebuild Worth It?

If you can’t locate an affordable used motor, your options are limited and expensive. Your mechanic can probably rebuild your existing motor, but it’s going to cost a small fortune. Not only is it not cost-effective but it normally takes a long time to complete engine rebuilds. Your other option is to buy a new motor out of the crate or purchase a remanufactured one but it’s still going to be pricey.

Trade Your Vehicle in at the Dealership

Most dealerships will accept your vehicle with a bad motor but it will definitely affect the price you are offered. Without a viable vehicle for them to turn around and resell immediately, your car or truck will be worth a lot less than you were expecting. This may be a great option if you were already in the market to finance a new or previously owned car, truck, van or SUV. Before agreeing to that low trade-in value, you may want to see what a junk car buyer is willing to pay for it. If the numbers are close (or better!), take the cash and add it to your downpayment on your new purchase.

Call the Junk Car Buyer

The fastest and easiest option to make money off of your car with a bad engine is to sell it to cash for cars junkyard like Car Junks. You’ll get a fair cash offer plus, they’ll tow it for free if you are local. This is a great deal especially if you need that money to get another vehicle right away. It would take forever for you to part the car out yourself and that’s if you even get any calls from interested buyers. Knowing you can get rid of your junker or clunker now may just be the benefit you are looking for.

Fast Cash for Cars with Bad Motors

In today’s automotive market, replacing the entire vehicle can be quite expensive as prices soar. The ability to buy new parts including engines for your Japanese or European vehicle is also costly and may be difficult to locater the necessary parts as Americans face parts shortages once again. Selling your import or foreign car, truck, van, or SUV to CarJunks in Pompano Beach, FL is your best choice to get paid the full value of your old car without the hassle of trying to sell it yourself or part it out. Give CarJunks a call for an on-the-spot cash offer for your auto today!