How Do I Junk My Car?

What Is The Process To Junk My Vehicle?

When it is finally time to junk your car, you can sell it as-is to a junk car buyer or you can make more cash by taking our advice.

The sale of a junk vehicle is not complicated. In order for you to get the most cash, there are a few things you should do before calling a wrecker or junkyard to sell your car.

Vehicle Documentation – Title, Registration

Having your vehicle’s documentation available makes the process of selling a car much easier than not having a title. While a title is not necessary, it helps the junk car buyer verify ownership of the vehicle.  If you do not have the title, a copy of your vehicle’s registration can be used to check ownership. You can order a copy of your vehicle’s title from the State of Florida, just follow the directions on the website.

Uninstall Upgrades – Aftermarket Parts, Stereo, Rims

Junkyards do not give you more cash if you have upgraded parts or aftermarket accessories on your vehicle. It is best for you to remove any items you can resell on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. Uninstalling expensive rims with stock rims or removing your aftermarket mufflers, air intake or spoiler and selling them privately will result in you making additional money from junking your vehicle.

Remove Personal Items – Glove Box, Middle Console, Trunk

Clean our your vehicle before you sell it. Junk wreckers end up finding cash, coins, electronics and other valuable items like jewelry and mechanic tools after it is too late to return the the items. It only takes a few minutes to look under the seats, in the glove box and the trunk. Some of these things you may be able to sell, making you even more cash.

Find a Salvage Yard or Junk Car Buyer

Now that you have salvaged everything you can from your vehicle on your own to sell, it’s time to call a junk car buyer or a local junkyard. Invest a little time to talk to different companies to see who will give you the best offer. An example, Car Junks pays more for foreign makes like Infiniti, Jaguar and Mercedes vehicles than our competitors. The reason why we can pay more for import cars, trucks and SUVS is because our junkyard, Gardner Auto Parts, specializes in selling only foreign car parts.

Prepare For Drop-off or Tow Transport

After you get the cash offer you are happy with and accept, your vehicle will need to be made ready for pickup or transport. Most junk car buyers will provide free tow pickup. Just provide the location of the vehicle and a tow truck will show up to pick it up. If you choose to drop the vehicle off yourself at a junkyard, give them a call to make arrangements before you just show up. While junkyards can buy vehicles, they also have to make room for new arrivals. Out of courtesy, pick a day and time to drop off your junk vehicle.

How Do I Get Paid For My Junk Car?

Most junk car buyers pay cash on the spot for vehicles. The industry standard in South Florida is to pay cash instantly for the sale of the vehicle when ownership is transferred to the car buyer. You should not have to wait for a check in the mail.

Do I Need To Do Anything After The Sale Of My Vehicle?

The junk car buyer will handle all of the necessary paperwork required to junk the vehicle. If you have the license plate, you will need to return it to the DMV if you do not plan to purchase and transfer the plate to a new vehicle.