How Can I Convince a Family Member to Get Rid of Their Junk Car?

It’s Time for that Old Car to Go

Maybe your dad or your grandmother has an old car just sitting in the driveway. It’s been there for years and probably doesn’t even run any longer. It’s possible that they claim they are going to fix it up or they’ll need it in the future. The car or truck may even hold some sentimental value. You, along with other friends and family, have said it’s time to part ways with the old clunker but it’s still parked out front.

Here are a few lines you may have encountered when trying to encourage your parents or other relatives to part ways with their old junker.

I Am Planning on Restoring That Car

This is a common statement. Maybe, at one time, they actually did plan on restoring that car back to its original condition. However, the truth is, the car is just sitting there losing value by the day. It’s possible to appeal to their desire to make money by explaining to them that junk car buyers will pay cash to remove the vehicle from their property.

I’m Going To Start Driving It Soon

Your grandmother hasn’t driven in a decade but has held onto your old Toyota for that “just in case” moment. Odds are, she may not even have a driver’s license anymore. At this point, you may be able to explain to her that the car is worth money to someone else and she is guaranteed cash if she agrees to let it go. Tell her the process is simple and that she doesn’t have to do anything other than give her title over to the junk buyer.

That Old Car Isn’t Bothering Anyone

Unfortunately, your old vehicle sitting out front of your house is an absolute eyesore. It’s leaking oil and is starting to rust. Soon, neighbors will start complaining and the homeowners association will begin fining you for the unregistered, non-running car. Convincing your family member to sell it to the junkyard for cash now will help them avoid issues with the neighbors and HOA. To sweeten the deal, let him or her know that they will receive a fair market value paid in cash before the car leaves their yard.

It’s Worth More Than a Junk Man Will Pay

Once upon a time, everyone’s cars, trucks, vans and SUVs were worth quite a bit more than they are today. However, the longer a vehicle just sits, it succumbs to age and the elements, dropping its value more and more every year. If your family member insists they are going to put it up for sale, now is a good time to mention that no one wants to buy a car in the shape that one is in. To rid themselves of the eyesore, let them know you can call a junk buyer for a quote so they can see how much money they can make off their old car.

I Don’t Need Extra Parking

Leaving an older car just sitting in the driveway not only looks terrible and makes a mess but it is also taking up room in the driveway. If you live in a community, driveways tend to be on the small side. Getting rid of an old vehicle can free up parking and even leave room for your new car or those of guests coming over to visit.

CarJunks Pays Top Dollar for Old Foreign or Import Cars

We know how hard it is for some people to let go of that old car that holds so many precious memories but it’s just steel and plastic. Let your friend or family member know that CarJunks not only offers the best cash price for European and Japanese vehicles but they understand how difficult it can be to say goodbye to that faithful truck, van or car. Your old car isn’t getting just crushed and dumped, it’s going to be carefully stripped of its useful parts to help someone else save money on car repairs. Recycling cars and car parts is also good for the environment so let your mom or grandfather know that selling their old car is also helping the environment.