How to Junk a Car Without a Title

Selling Your Car

Not every vehicle is worth keeping or worthy of selling to someone else. In some situations, junking the vehicle is usually the best option especially if it’s been an extremely long time since the car ran. But who will buy a vehicle that doesn’t have a title?

No Title – No Sale?

Every state has its own laws about whether or not vehicles can be sold as salvage without a title. Some states require you to file for a replacement title in order to junk your car. However, in Florida, junk buyers can legally purchase your old clunker even if you don’t have the title in hand.

I Don’t Have a Title for My Car – Will I Still Recieve Top Dollar?

In Florida, not having your vehicle titled will not affect the value that salvage yards are willing to pay for your old car, truck or SUV. You can still get cash on the spot and finally get that clunker, junker or jalopy out of your life for good!

Contact the Junkyard for Their Junk Car Policy

Before you make any assumptions, call the junkyard, salvage dealer or junk car buyer that you want to deal with. Just because the state of Florida allows junk car sales without titles, it doesn’t automatically mean that the junk car buyer near you will be adhering to the state law. Some may request specific paperwork just to cover themselves legally. They may want to see your driver’s license and the registration to ensure it’s in your name before they start the sale.

I Lost My Car Title But Need Cash Fast

No title? No problem! CarJunks in Pompano Beach, FL wants your foreign or import car, truck, van or SUV. We will pay top dollar for your vehicle. Get instant cash for your old car and we’ll try to arrange a same-day pick-up. Our salvage mechanics will then strip all usable parts off the vehicle to sell through Gardner Auto Parts. Recycling car parts is a great way to help the environment. Your transaction with CarJunks will help keep car parts and hazardous chemicals out of landfills.